Wireless Network Installation

Seamlessly integrated with your business, efficient and secure mobile access.

Modern networks are almost invariably a hybrid of a hard-wired infrastructure enhanced by the latest wireless technologies.

With this in mind, JFC Systems will work with you to decide which areas of your business can be enhanced by working wirelessly and how your systems will work within the bigger picture of your day to day operations.

Wireless networks can enable network users to work more efficiently by operating on the move. Whether this is a manager that works with various teams within your environment or maybe staff that control stock in a storage or warehouse facility, the benefits will be felt immediately. Visitors could access their own systems remotely to work hand in hand with your own people to produce results quicker and more accurately. The benefits are huge.

Depending on specific situations, wireless can also be used to link campus buildings together, which can often eliminate the need for more expensive types of inter-building connections.

In the early days of wireless networks security, was always a big concern of businesses that were afraid that the safety of its data would be compromised. Today's wireless systems are installed with various types of built-in encryption and security and, in the cases of extremely sensitive data, additional security measures can be installed to ensure that the network is as secure as the rest of the network.