CCTV System Installation

Peace of mind and information. Whenever. Wherever.

In today's society, protecting your property, possessions and people is part of everyday life. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) offers many advantages to both business and residential customers in achieving this.

CCTV reduces crime and unauthorised access by forcing perpetrators to choose less secure premises. Not only does a quality system act as a deterrent but provides continuous surveillance of premises and provides records that can be used as valuable evidence if the need arises. CCTV is also of particular value to the health and safety of your employees as it protects their welfare whilst onsite.

JFC Systems will work with you to identify the exact CCTV package most appropriate to your needs. From basic observation requirements to fully integrated systems with features like remote monitoring, we will help you understand the systems available to you and provide you with options to meet those needs.

The latest digital technology allows you to enjoy much improved features including:

  • Immediate playback - just input the required time and date
  • Network connectivity for remote viewing and playback anywhere in the world via the internet
  • Local and remote administration
  • Clearer images with greatly reduced distortion
  • Playback recorded footage and view live images whilst continuing to record
  • Easily store footage on a number of different media
  • No longer a need to use high maintenance/limited lifespan VCR tapes

With data network connectivity a feature of our systems it is also possible to connect your CCTV system to other systems like Access Control, giving an enhanced level of functionality and security.

Our IP CCTV solutions will utilise your existing structured cabling system ie Cat 5e/6 to run your cameras over Ethernet to make a speedy and unintrusive installation. Ask for details of how this might work for you.