Access Control System Installation, Newcastle Upon Tyne

People. Property. Possessions. Protect the things that matter.

Access Control systems protect your business by enabling you to monitor and control the movements of personnel and visitors around your premises.

JFC Systems provides a variety of systems based on the very latest technologies. Our systems range from swipe card keypads and proximity readers to biometrics, including iris recognition and finger print readers.

We will design and install a system for you, based around your needs and operations. Flexible and reliable, we'll provide a solution that will provide security based on your current threat levels. Whether you decide on a single means of authentication or a combination of available technologies, we can scale our systems according to your needs. Movement can be controlled through varying levels of access permissions and time windows, with in-depth data reports showing all movements around your site.

We can install stand alone systems or integrated security systems that are controlled and administered via a PC platform. More often than not we see customers moving towards network-based systems as a means of controlling access throughout a site because of the flexibility and accessibility it offers.

JFC Systems will design you a solution that is scalable with the growth of your business and premises in mind. Future expansion won't be an issue and multiple sites are something that poses no problems. Our systems can be integrated with Time & Attendance Systems, therefore linking in with your HR department. They can also help you keep in line with the Disability Discrimination Act by providing hands-free assisted access to disabled employees.

Consider the benefits then consider whether you can afford to be without such control and accountability:

  • Protection of employees, visitors, property, as well as sensitive information
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas to selected individuals using a hierarchical access system
  • Install multiple levels of authentication eliminating concern over lost or stolen cards/fobs
  • Integrate with HR systems for enhanced time and attendance management
  • Assistance with compliance of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Assist with car park management